Backdrop Rental

Backdrops can be the piece to your event that can tie all of your other set designs together. We offer Backdrop Rentals that can be used for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and more.

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A blue backdrop with flowers attached to it.
Wedding backdrop rental with white and pink curtains for wedding parties

What are Backdrops?

Backdrops are set designs that can be used for a variety of functions. Typically, backdrops are used as a background piece for other items such as marquee letters, neon signs, balloons and flowers.

Backdrops are usually crafted with wood, but can also be made using vinyl and plastic. Backdrops can also be painted, have designs on them, or be multidimensional by adding grass or vines for aesthetic purposes.

Wedding Backdrops

Backdrops for weddings include curtains, poles, and flowers- which are perfect for wedding receptions, mehndi nights, and engagement ceremonies. They are excellent for photo ops amongst your wedding guests as well.

Flower Wall Backdrops

Flower wall backdrops are amazing for birthdays, parties, wedding ceremonies, engagements, and more. Flowers are displayed all across the backdrop with pink, white, and red flowers. They are perfect photo backgrounds as well.

Custom Backdrops

Custom backdrops that are designed specifically for your event are great for many different occasions. Whether you’re displaying logos and graphics for your corporate event/conference or celebrating a graduation party, custom backdrops are excellent.

Which events are best for Backdrops?

Backdrops are great for all sorts of events. The best use case for backdrops are specifically for weddings. Wedding backdrops are a great way to showcase the happy couple in front of the backdrop.

Backdrops are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other products as well. Backdrops go great with cake stands, flowers, and marquee letters. You can use backdrops for birthday parties, anniversary parties, engagements, and other events where there will be photos taken!

Floral backdrop rental in the Greater Toronto Area

Grass Wall Backdrops

Grass wall backdrops give an earthy, calm tone to any event. When complimented with a Neon sign- it can provide a nice modern vibrant touch to your event.

Christmas Backdrops

Christmas backdrops that are decorated with wreaths, ribbons, and glitter are great for Christmas post cards and photo ops with family and friends.

Graduation Backdrops

A custom backdrop is a great way to celebrate a graduation party for your friends and family. Decorate it with graduation caps, scrolls, and decorations!

Grass Wall backdrop rental in the GTA

Can I rent backdrops in the GTA?

Yes! Backdrops are available for rent in the GTA. If you’re looking for wedding backdrop rentals or any other event- please click the form below to fill out your details. We deliver all across Toronto and the GTA- including Vaughan, Mississauga, Pickering, Ajax, and other cities.