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Event Decor Is an essential part of any event. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or a cultural event- the decor will reflect the tone of the event. 

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Decor Rentals in Toronto

For many Asian cultures, be prepared to see a lot of different accessories from table toppers to backdrops- with vibrant floral and lighting design choices. Finding the best event decor vendor for your event will come down to deciding what’s best for you and your guests.

Event Decor Ideas

You may be wondering what goes on behind good event decor coordination and how to style an event with a specific purpose. Here are some things you might want to consider for your next event’s decor.

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Event Decor Furniture Rentals

Furniture is an important piece to consider when it comes to event decor. Where will the event take place? If it’s an indoor wedding reception with many guests inside a venue space- you might go with round tables and white linen cloths with matching chairs. The theme of the event can help dictate which colors and style you will ultimately choose.


Tables and Linens tie the venue together. In the eyes of your guests, they will walk through the lobby and into the event space- where numbered tables are decorated with fancy linens, centerpieces, and table clothes to match. Making the tables visually appealing will be important for your guests – as they will be sitting there for the majority of the event socializing, eating, and making memories. It’s important to choose tables and arrangements that reflect the celebration and align with the hosts and guests taste. You might even want to consider other elements to help narrow down your options of tables. Floral arrangements, Lighting, and Stage Setup along with color scheme can help guide your decisions on the type of tables that you will be decorating.


Chairs seem like an afterthought, but you can really make or break an event if the chairs are not properly selected. For example, a child’s birthday party with an adult chair is not a functional choice for the party guests. You want to make sure that they are functional for the event, are coordinated with other pieces of decor, and match with the color schemes of the event. 

Centerpieces for Event Decor

Centerpieces are a great way to tie together the chairs and the tables for each party of guests.  You may want to look at floral arrangements as centerpieces. Different types of lighting fixtures can also be appropriate for centerpieces. For more intimate events- personalized and customized centerpieces can also be very beautiful.

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements, in my opinion, are the X Factor when it comes to decorating for events. They not only go well with backdrops, but they can be used to accessorize pillars, centerpieces, furniture- and venue spaces. Flowers are culturally significant to many religious events. The choice of color, style, and type of flower can be guided by the type of event that’s being celebrated.


There are many different choices for light sources and will quite literally brighten up the venue. Lighting is important for picture taking, table decoration, and overall aesthetic. You can choose from warm, dim, white, candle, chandelier lighting. 

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Decor Rentals for your next event

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