Starting a balloon decorating business in Toronto is a great way to make some money, full-time or as a side hustle. One of the advantages you have getting into the balloon business is you can start from home without spending so much on your product.

Being successful in the balloon decorating industry starts with helping your clients with their parties and events and being able to execute their vision on time. In this article, we’re going to provide a step by step guide to show you how you can be successful operating your balloon decor business in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Do Research on the Event Industry in your Area

If you’re just starting out, it would help to get a baseline idea about which balloon decor vendors are already out there. You can study their social media and see what types of events they’re servicing, who they’re working with, and even potentially understand how much they’re charging per setup.

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of vendors out there- however that shouldn’t stop you from starting. Everybody has to start somewhere, and if you’re able to offer a superior product at a better rate, you can find someone who would be willing to choose you as a balloon vendor. Networking is the name of the game here, and building your brand starts with strong connections in the event space.

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Partner with Event Planners who need Balloon Decorations

The best way to get your foot in the door is offering your product to event planners at no charge. You may not make any money with your first few jobs- but here’s why it is a good idea to partner with other event vendors:

Networking opportunities from event planners will give you access to more events

Whether you work with event planners or photobooth vendors- marketing in the event industry is essential to your success. Having someone who is already in the industry is a great way to get your feet wet and understand the types of people you could potentially be working with.

By offering event planners a free balloon decoration setup, they might consider bringing you along for a paid gig in the future. You can also provide value to them by lowering their bottom line. They might be working with other vendors- but in the balloon decor business, the best ability is availability. If other balloon vendors are at at capacity and can’t deliver on short notice- that’s where you can shine.

Potential clients might attend the event with your balloon setup

Putting your services out in front of large groups of people can get the conversation started about the setup. Everybody has a day that they celebrate, whether it’s Christmas, Eid, or a birthday- and may need balloons set up for their special day!

If you have the chance- try and leave some business cards or meet some event-goers and offer them some insight on your services. That way, you can leave an impression and you will be at the top of their mind for their next event.

The best part about setting up balloons for an event is the pictures that come with it! When group photos are being taken, people will take pictures near your setup and will help expand your product’s reach once it hits Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp!

Great opportunity to collaborate for photos and social media tags

Finally, working with event planners can help with your social media presence. Getting tagged in a post can go a long way if the event planner has a following on social media. Being tagged can direct an audience adjacent to yours towards your business, and you can gain some extra followers from the post as well!

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Find Wholesale Balloon Suppliers in Toronto

Finding the right supplier for your balloon decorating service can be difficult at first. There are so many vendors available, you may not know where to start. Here are some wholesale balloon suppliers that ship all across Canada and can help you start your balloon journey.

Balloons Online

Balloons Online offers a large selection of balloons for any type of event.

  • Latex Balloons
  • Licensed Character Balloons
  • Balloon Garland Kits
  • Halloween Balloons
  • Thanksgiving Balloons
  • Hanukkah Balloons
  • Christmas Balloons
  • New Year Balloons
  • Valentine’s Balloons
  • Mardi Gras Balloons
  • St. Patrick’s Day Balloons
  • Easter Balloons
  • Graduation Balloons
  • Mother’s Day Balloons
  • Father’s Day Balloons
  • Patriotic Balloons
  • Canada Day Balloons
  • Summer Balloons

Bargain Balloons

Bargain Balloons is another Balloon wholesale vendor that ships across Canada. Here’s an example of some types of balloons they carry:

  • Number Balloons
  • Theme Balloons
  • Seasonal Balloons

Balloon Depot

Balloon Depot sells balloons, balloon garlands, helium balloons, and more! They ship from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Practice Making Balloon Garlands, Balloon Bouquets, and Balloon Setups

Mastering the different types of balloon decorations will attract customers who are looking for all types of setups. You can be a real knowledge expert by perfecting the art of balloon garlands. This is a great skill to have as a balloon decor business- and practicing it can help you learn a lot about balloon setups.

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