Marquee Letter Rental

Looking to light up your event with bright, beautiful marquee letters? Get a quote with us and we will connect you with the best marquee letter rental vendors in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, and all across the GTA.

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Marquee Letter Rental for weddings, proposals, birthdays, baby showers, and corporate events
Lit Up Marquee Letters that are available for rent in the GTA that spell out the word LOVE

Marquee Letters for Rent

Marquee letters are big, bright, light up letters, numbers, and symbols that are used as a backdrop for many events. Marquee letters are made using plastic, wood, or vinyl and are lit up using LED Lights.

Here are some common types of Marquee Letters:

  • Marquee Letters with Lights
  • Large marquee Letters
  • 4ft Marquee Letters

Marquee Letter Rental with Lights

Accessorizing marquee letters with string lights can be an intimate way to help with a proposal. You can even have bright, lit up LED Marquee Letters to be a showcase piece for your party.

Large Marquee Letter Rental

There are many different situations to use Large Marquee Letters. They can make a statement and are great for photos. From numbered signs to full words, large marquee letters will get the message across. 

4ft Marquee Letter Rental

4ft Marquee letters that are make it easy to be bold for your party. They are great for weddings, birthdays, proposals, gender reveals, and corporate events. They can spell out many different phrases and sayings too!

Marquee Sign Letter Rental for any Event

Marquee letters are a variety of events. Marquee letters are typically used for weddings, birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, and corporate events.

For example – we have seen people spell out “W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E” and bring their significant other into the room as they are surprised with the large letters. When it comes to marquee numbers, we’ve seen party goers spell out “3-0” for a 30th birthday celebration.

Marquee Letters that spell out "K&R" for a married couple.

Marry Me Marquee Letter Rental

Looking to propose to your significant other? Marry Me marquee letters are great to rent for your proposal. They are large, light up, and make a statement for everyone sharing your intimate moment.

Proposal Marquee Letter Rental

Your proposal with marquee letters can be the final piece to your set design. Bright, LED Light Up Maruqee Letters can say a combination of phrases for your proposal- from “I Love You” to “Marry Me”! 

Grad Marquee Letter Rental

Celebrating a graduation for a friend or family member? Marquee letters that spell out “Congrats” or “Grad” can be a great piece for your event. You can even accessorize the letters with graduation caps!

Marquee letters that spell out LOVE beside a red couch and red lamp to display Marquee Letters for Rent in Toronto.

Marquee Letter Set for Rent

Yes! We are able to get you Marquee Letters in Toronto. In fact, we perform Marquee letter delivery, set up, and tear down all across the GTA. We specialize in many areas, such as Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, and more. Please contact us today to get an accurate quote!

Marquee letter faq

Want to learn more about Marquee Letter Rentals for your next party?
Here are some commonly asked questions before your rental: 

Marquee Letter Rental can start from $100/hr per letter.

There are many different factors when considering marquee letter rentals. Other factors that will impact the price can be length of event, letter availability, and location of the event. Marquee letter rentals also come with delivery, set up, and takedown. Please consider these factors when renting marquee letters.

You can rent marquee letters all across the GTA. Our vendors will deliver the letters, set them up, and tear them down all across the GTA. Looking for a quote? Fill out the form here. 

Marquee letters are typically 4ft tall. They are typically transported using cargo vans and require two people to carry them for safe handling. They are equipped with LED Lights, and can be made out of plastic.