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Looking for a photographer and/or a videographer for your next event in the GTA? Get a quote from us and hire the best talent for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, and more!

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Photography and Videography services
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Photography and Videography Services

Looking to capture a beautiful moment at your next event? Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to ensure a photo album filled with memories from your momentous occasion.

Professional photographers and videographers come equipped with cameras, different lenses, lighting, stabilizers, drones, and more.

Wedding Photography and Videography

Capture the most intimate moments of your wedding ceremony- from proposal and engagement to wedding ceremony and reception with the best photographers and videographers across the GTA.

Drone Photography and Videography

Get drone shots of your party and venue with drone photography and videography. Hire a videographer with drone skills that is able to operate and control the drone via remote control and capture beautiful moments of your event.

Photography and Videography for Parties

Hire a photographer for your next party with the best in the GTA. Make sure to capture moments like cake cutting, speeches, dance performances, games, and more with our vendors.

How much does Photography and Videography cost in Toronto?

Hiring a photographer or videographer can be anywhere between $100 an hour to $750 an hour based on the type of event, location, and equipment needed to shoot the event.

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Photography and Videography Wedding Packages

Hiring a photographer or videographer can come with some discounted rates. Standard packages for weddings include e-shoot, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception for the event.

Photography and Videography Prices in the GTA

Prices for photography and videography can vary depending on the location and type of event that will be shot. Other hidden fees can include equipment rental and transportation of equipment.

Affordable Photography and Videography Packages

Save money by hiring affordable photography and videography packages for your next event. Some packaged bundles can save you hundreds of dollars.

Wedding photographers and videographers in the GTA

Event Photographers for Hire

Hiring an event photographer will make your event one to remember. You and your event guests can walk away with professional, high quality images that you can keep forever!