Planning your proposal for the winter can be challenging, especially in Toronto. When the temperature drops- you might find it challenging to find a proposal location in the city. While some may find it challenging, proposing in the winter also has its benefits.

“Cuffing Season” usually happens when the fall comes around, and there is a sense of love in the air. You can also take advantage of the Christmas season by having more friends and family around to share your special moment with. Here’s some creative proposal ideas that you can try in Toronto that will make your significant other say yes!

How to Propose in Winter Toronto

The beautiful thing about Toronto is that it’s very versatile. For proposal locations there’s a great balance between beautiful, natural landscapes along with an electric nightlife scene. Even in the winter, you will be able to find a little pocket of the city you can dedicate to a timeless moment between you and your significant other. Here’s a few indoor and outdoor places to propose at when the temperature drops.

Book a Studio or Venue Space with a Photographer

Another route you can choose to go down is by booking a studio or venue space and surprising your partner at the space. It will be indoors, and will give you more control over certain variables when proposing. For example, you can rent a backdrop, lights, and event decor and decorate the studio space to your liking for your proposal this winter. Best of all, you can invite guests who have been there with you alongside your relationship journey.

CN Tower Proposal

Ideally, in the winter (especially in Toronto)- you’d want to propose somewhere indoors. It saves you the headache of being in the cold with your partner, not wearing winter jackets in proposal photos, and ultimately makes the experience more intimate. Well did you know that you can propose at the CN Tower? At the top of the tallest, free-standing structure on the Western Hemisphere, you can select one of the CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant Celebration Packages for your winter proposal in Toronto. Starting at $100 per person, your proposal can be jaw dropping, affordable, and intimate all at the same time. Each package comes with a VIP Window Table, wine (if both parties are above 19 years old), and small bites. For more information on the 360 Restaurant Celebration packages, visit their website here!

Propose at the Distillery District

At Parliament and Front Street is Toronto’s Distillery District– which is known for it’s annual Toronto Winter Christmas Market. It’s always good vibes there, and plus it’s known to be a spot for couples to visit. There’s a large heart located at the entrance of District where many people pose and take photos, which can also be a great place to pop the big question!

Toronto Bluffs Proposal

Everything is better when it’s by the water, and Toronto is no exception. The Bluffer’s Park and Beach is a staple of Toronto’s natural beauty, as being by Lake Ontario is one of the best places to propose outdoors. Ideally though, you will want to consider weather conditions in the winter. The wind might pick up a bit more and decor items can potentially fly around.

What to wear for a winter proposal

Your outfit should definitely be a mix of function and fashion. You will want to consider the weather forecast by checking ahead and bundling up. Depending on how cold it is, you can perhaps get a way with wearing a jacket with a dress underneath- and take off the jacket for the photo ops. A suit jacket, dress shirt, and dress pants with a nice warm jacket on top would also be sufficient.


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